About Us

Most people in the U.S.A own a lawn mower because it’s of great help for people who are trying to keep their lawn nice and well trimmed with little effort. My name is George Waters and I have designed BestLawnMowers.Reviews out of passion for gardening.

The lawn is the main element of any garden, so it is essential for it to look good at all times. However, there are so many lawn mowers on the market, that it is almost impossible to compare them all. The popularity of these machines has convinced me to create BestLawnMowers.Reviews, a website designed to guide you through the process of buying of a lawn mower. Me and my team collect information and offer it to you as a review meant to let you know which mower is your best option. Reading our reviews will take away the guessing from choosing an efficient lawn mower that will be easy to use, safe, powerful, and practical, thus it will help you spend your money wisely.

A word or two on what we do

I have put together a team of editors and reviewers specialized in reviewing various lawn mower models. The details are collected and structured into reviews that are easy to read and to understand so that you will not have problems with complicated technical terms. We take every lawn mower and analyze it in detail so you will receive a complete set of information designed to guide you through your purchase. The reviews are well-structured in a pleasant, user-friendly format and contain accurate specifications and unbiased opinions.

How can my website be useful to you

It would be difficult, not to say time-consuming and even impossible, for you to take every lawn mower available on the market and analyze it in every aspect. This is why I decided to create this website with the main purpose of offering you complete and specific details on various lawn mowers. After you read some of my reviews, you will have a clearer picture of what a quality lawn mower should look like, and what should it offer in order to make ease the mowing process. My reviews take into account the lawn mower’s power, convenience, maneuverability, ease of use and durability in order to determine which model is more efficient and which should make it to your purchase list.

I put a lot of attention in every review, so that you will receive accurate and unbiased opinions regarding a certain lawn mower. In case I conclude that a mower is not very good and it is not worth your attention, I will let you know without falsely advertising it.

Why you should trust my website

I believe my website, BestLawnMowers.Reviews, to be very trustworthy for various reasons. First of all, me and my team base all our reviews on thorough tests we perform ourselves so you can be certain that the opinions you find in our reviews are accurate and certified. We put all our attention and skills into analyzing the lawn mowers in detail so that we can offer you honest and unbiased opinions. The reviews are also based on the opinions of customers who have already tried the lawn mowers and can state with certainty whether or not certain mowers are efficient.

What is most important is that we respect all our visitors so we do our best to write useful reviews that reflect the reality and show both the good and the bad parts of each lawn mower. If we consider that a certain model should not be rated as a good model, it will receive a lower rate without masking its defects. We have no intention to misguide you, something you will see during your browsing on our website. I understand that a lawn mower is a considerable investment, which is why my main purpose is to provide you only with truthful and unbiased reviews.